How your money helps

Your support goes so far

The cost of providing all care services at St Barnabas was nearly £9 million last year. Yet only a small proportion of St Barnabas care costs are covered by statutory funding.

That means we rely on your support to make our vital work possible.

When you play our Lottery, an amazing 61p of every £1 you give is spent directly on local hospice care services.

The money you give will help desperately ill people and their families in so many ways.

Your support means that local people are supported and cared for throughout their journey with a terminal illness. It means that local people with incurable conditions will receive the care they need. They will find friendship and support in the day hospice. They’ll be cared for in the peace and tranquility of the hospice or in the comfort of their own homes.  And their families will be supported for years to come with bereavement counselling and opportunities to remember their loved one.

Your help means that local adults with terminal illnesses and their loved ones can live life as fully as possible, for the time they have left together. They will get specialist care in their own homes, as well as in the hospice building in Worthing. And, when the time comes, they will get support the end of their life so that they can die with dignity in a warm and caring environment of their choice.

We need your help to care for local people with terminal illness and their families.

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