How your money helps

Your support goes so far

Every single year, it costs nearly £9 million to provide all the care services that local families need. Yet only 24% of our funding comes from the government.

That means we rely on your support to make our vital work possible.

When you play our Lottery, an amazing 60p of every £1 you give is spent directly on local hospice care services.

The money you give will help desperately ill people and their families in so many ways.

£228 pays for one person to attend our Day Hospice for a day.

£148 pays for a whole day of care in a person’s own home, so their carer can get some much-needed rest.

£40 covers the cost of a session with a member of our Family Services Team.

£35 covers the cost of one full hour of physiotherapy treatment for a patient.

£12 pays for a special Memory Box to help a patient say goodbye to their loved ones.

£10 pays for a delicious meal to be prepared for a patient according to their individual dietary requirements.

£5 provides a patient with snacks and light refreshments throughout the day.

We need your help to care for desperately ill local people.

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