How your money helps

Discover how joining our local Lottery directly helps to keep hospice care services running.


We rely on the money raised through our Lottery to run our local hospice. Every week the winning numbers don’t just mean that 23 people have won a cash prize, it also means that we can continue to provide the essential care and support that our patients and their family and friends need.

To run our hospice for adults costs over £5 million a year, with only one quarter of our funding coming from the NHS. We are not part of the NHS, we are a charity and the remaining 75% of our running costs is raised through the Lottery, events, community support, legacies and generous donations.

Every Lottery membership contributes to the cost of running St Barnabas House hospice and supporting the patients that need our services:

  • £13,970 pays for one day of the care services provided by St Barnabas House.
  • £500 funds the cost of a 24 hour stay in our in-patient Unit.
  • £200 allows us to hold a ‘Time to Remember’ group, providing therapeutic support for bereaved relatives and friends.
  • £190 covers the cost of one person attending the Day Hospice for one day.
  • £35 allows a patient to enjoy a bath in one of our fully assisted special bathrooms.
  • £10 will pay for a patient’s meal prepared according to their individual dietary requirements.
  • £7 will cover the weekly cost of newspapers for patients in our Day Hospice.