Catherine from Littlehampton wins £1,000!

Catherine Peppard, from Littlehampton, is planning a night of celebration after winning £1,000 with the St Barnabas House Lottery. “We’re going to the Arun View Inn,” she said, excitedly. “They do lovely food there. We have some friends coming over from Spain, so we’re going to combine the two occasions and have a bit of a splash.”

Catherine and her husband, Paul, have been playing our Lottery “for four or five years.” She added: “I heard such wonderful things about the place. Everybody thinks very highly of them. And this is the first time we’ve won. I mentioned this to someone the other day and I must have jogged somebody’s memory,” she added, pointing skywards. “It was such a lovely surprise.” Paul added: “We’re going to carry on playing the Lottery. It’s important to us.”


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