Roger Knight wins £1,000!

Roger Knight was browsing through a yachting magazine when he received a call from our Lottery Team to say that had won the £1,000 top prize with the St Barnabas House Lottery.

Roger, from Findon Valley, has had an eye for boats dating back to his time as an oil tanker master.

“But that doesn’t mean I will be doing anything silly with the money,” he said. “I will speak to my wife, Patricia, about what to do with the winnings. But I expect it will go towards paying our household accounts.”

Roger, 82, has been playing the Lottery “for donkey’s years.” He added: “This win won’t stop me playing the Lottery.  Patricia has a personal connection with St Barnabas House, through a member of her family. We will both always remember the incredible kindness and attention they gave. It’s a wonderful place.”

St Barnabas House uses the money raised by Lottery players to provide the best hospice care to local people and their families.

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