How would you spend £250?

Pina Dichello’s first thought were for her granddaughters, Helena and Gabriella, when she was told she had won £250 with the St Barnabas Lottery.

“I’m going to put the money towards a holiday for the two of them,” she said, and her beaming smile was bright enough to illuminate the neat garden of her Worthing home.

Pina Dichello Lottery winner and Alan Maher Lottery Manager

Pina Dichello, Lottery winner and Alan Maher, Lottery Manager

“They’re great girls.  Helena is the quieter one.  She needs to go away.  She is very interested in history.  Gabriella has just passed her driving test and she loves going off.  She has applied to join the police force, and if that doesn’t come off she’s going to look at the forces.”

Pina’s brother died of cancer a few years ago.  Her son was also diagnosed a short time afterwards but has made a full recovery.

Pina has been playing the St Barnabas House Lottery for many years.  She looked appalled when asked how she would treat herself.  “I might look at a new jumper,” she said, doubtfully.  “But I’ve never been one to spend money on myself.  I just want to do something for the girls.”

St Barnabas House uses the money raised by Lottery players to provide the very best hospice care to local people and their families.  It costs just £1 a week to play and you’ll be joining a very special group of people who are providing much needed hospice care that helps local people spend their last days in comfort and dignity, exactly where and how they want.

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